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4 Common Problems Associated with Residential Painting

4 Common Problems Associated with Residential Painting

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Are you planning to give your house a fresh coat of paint? If so, one of the first things you need to do is hire the leading painting contractors in Napa County. It is important to bear in mind that there are a lot of contractors who are out to cheat homeowners. Additionally, there are certain common problems that are associated with residential painting. When you hire the best contractors, you can breathe easy knowing that they will provide the right solution for any issue that may pop up while painting your home.

Solutions to 4 Common House Painting Problems

Here is a look at four common problems associated with house painting, and the solutions that experienced painting contractors in Napa County can provide.

1. Flaking/Cracking: When it comes to painting houses, one of the most common problems that can occur is flaking or cracking. Some of the possible causes include use of low-quality paint without adequate flexibility or adhesion, overspreading or over-thinning the paint, and inadequate preparation of the surface. The solution that painting contractors offer is removing flaking and loose paint with a wire brush or scraper, sanding the surface, and feathering the edges before applying the new paint.

2. Surfactant Leaching: This is another common problem that residential painters often have to deal with. Surfactant leaching occurs to some extent when acrylic paint formulas are applied in areas that become humid – for example, bathrooms – especially in the ceilings. To prevent this problem, professional painters make sure that the bathroom, or any other room that must be painted, is dried thoroughly before they apply a fresh coat of paint. They also ensure that all staining is removed before they begin repainting.

3. Blistering: This is a problem that occurs in exterior paint. Blistering paint is identified by bubbles or blisters – usually small to medium-sized – under the film of paint. This problem is seen most frequently on wood siding or trim. It is often caused by paint being applied on a hot surface under direct sunlight, on damp wood, or by penetration of high humidity, rain or dew after latex paint has dried. To prevent this issue, painting contractors ensure that they sand, prime, and paint in non-humid conditions, and under indirect sunlight. They also always use high-quality latex paint. 

4. Wrinkling: This problem often occurs because paint is applied too thickly, applied over a contaminated surface, or applied during cool damp weather or extremely hot weather, which results in the paint film drying faster on top than the bottom. Wrinkling can also be caused by exposure of uncured paint to high levels of humidity. Professional residential painters’ sand or scrape substrate to remove any wrinkled coating. If they use a primer, they make sure that it dries completely before they apply the top coat. If they are repainting, they avoid extreme humidity or temperatures, and apply an even coat of top-quality interior paint.

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