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Limewash Painting Services


Mike Chavez Painting is a leading painting contractor in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. We specialize in applying limewash, a traditional lime-based finish that dries to create an aesthetically appealing gloss. Like a fine wine, the natural color variation gets better with age. Limewash has a high pH and can help prevent fungal growth while being devoid of VOCs. The organic and breathable finish is extensively used in projects that restore historic buildings.

Whether you have a simple residential painting project or a complex, large-scale commercial painting project, we can manage it from start to finish. Our painting technicians do it right the first time and have spent years studying different painting techniques and know all there is to know about different types of paints and finishes. Our professionals stay on top of industry trends and can come up with innovative limewash paint ideas.

When selecting a limewash color, many homeowners feel overwhelmed by too many choices and end up choosing the most popular option. Unfortunately, the most popular limewash color is not necessarily the right choice for your project. If you are struggling to choose between two or more options, our team can help you weigh their pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision.

The way limewash is applied can affect how long the finish lasts. Before applying limewash, we prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning it and spraying it with water. Our technicians proceed cautiously to avoid damping down the whole surface. After preparing the surface, we apply limewash in thin coats using a flat brush or masonry paintbrush.

To avoid poor bonding and failure, we:

  • Avoid applying limewash too thickly
  • Dampen down surfaces before application
  • Wait between coats for the limewash to cure and soak in
  • Avoid applying limewash on cold days
  • Cover the surface after applying limewash, if required, to protect the finish from the sun

Applying limewash to a surface is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem. One mistake, no matter how innocuous it may seem, and all your hard work can go down the drain. Limewash application mistakes can ruin the finish and reduce its lifespan.

Before starting a project, we study the factors at play and devise a foolproof plan to manage them. Effective planning helps prevent limewash application mistakes. In addition, our comprehensive limewash application checklist helps ensure that tasks are completed in an orderly fashion.

Running out of ideas? Looking for inspiration? Limewash is one of the newest trends in painting that provides a unique look and appeal to any walls. Call our office at (707) 623-5850 to schedule an estimate.