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FAQs – Mike Chavez Painting

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Painting Contractor?

Many factors contribute to great professional service for painting jobs, whether at home or a commercial setup. The factors that set apart an excellent professional service from an average one are reliability, honesty, and efficiency on the job along with experience and skilled workmanship. These qualities are ideal for the best paint job, no matter the location.

Besides these basic points, it is crucial to take into consideration the painting warranties, licenses, part of trade associations, and the materials and the techniques used to execute the job.

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How Do I Know You Are Licensed and Insured?

Liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance are of utmost importance. They not only protect the painting contractors from accidents, but they also ensure that the customer is not held liable for any accidents or mishaps during the execution of the project.

Simply ask us for the verification of the insurance papers before committing to hiring us, and we would be delighted to give you a copy of our license and insurance, including workers’ compensation insurance.

Most painting contractors will be able to provide up-to-date insurance papers to ease the worries of the customers, and also ensure that they have a backup, in case of any injuries or accidents on the job.

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Are House Painters Licensed and Insured?

In California, painters have to successfully pass a two-part state exam that is held by the Contractor State License Board. It is only after getting the license can they operate in the state. We are proud to inform you that Mike Chavez Painting is a licensed painter.

Liability insurance is a necessity as it protects the house painter and the customer should anything go wrong during the painting project. We are insured and hence, you have no reason to worry.

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Painter?

It is easy to want to cut back on the costs and not hire a professional painting contractor for the best painting job. However, it is prudent to remember that there is no guarantee that the final results will be impressive.

A professional painting contractor will have relevant experience, and would know which are the most cost-effective options for materials and techniques for the desired results to be achieved. That is not all; they will have the right equipment and tools to do the best job on every contract.

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What Should I Do to Prepare my House for Painting?

To prepare your home for painting, we request you to try and move the furniture. In case that is not possible, it is best to cover the furniture so that it does not get splattered while we are painting it. Please remove potted plants, wall decorations, and anything that can get spoiled or damaged while painting.

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What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

At Mike Chavez Painting, we try and make it convenient for our customers. That is why we accept a number of modes of payment, including cash, checks, and credit card payments. Let us know how you would like to pay, and we will make sure it happens without any inconvenience.

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How Long Does it Take to Paint the Exterior of a House?

An average-sized house with fewer than four bedrooms and with two stories would take about three to four days to paint the exterior, depending on the damage, and the extent of repair required. A larger house, with three levels or a five-bedroom plus house, will take an average of five to six days, again depending on the damage to the exterior walls.

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Does the Work Come With a Warranty?

Yes, our work comes with a warranty. For exterior walls, we provide a warranty of three to five years. It is prudent to remember that interior wall painting warranties cannot be assured. That is because the interior is not exposed to the elements the same way that exterior paintwork is.

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Are the Workers on my Project Employees or Subcontractors?

We are surface preparation and painting specialists working together as a team. Our team comprises of full-time and part-time employees of the company. We do not use subcontractors, ensuring our customers of a hassle-free paint job with experts in the field with all licenses and insurances in place.

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What Kind of Materials Do You Use?

The materials that we use will depend on the type of work that we have been hired for. For simple exterior paint jobs as well as for the interior, we use the highest quality products available in the market without breaking the budget of our customers, assuring them of top-quality work at all times.

The paints that we use are VOC-free, so you will not have to contend with noxious fumes and odors. Mike Chavez Painting is also a lead-free certified company.

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Does a House Painter Bring Brushes, Rollers, Ladders, etc. With Them?

Yes, our painting team will bring their own equipment and tools so that you have nothing to worry about. We will even clean up after we finish the project, leaving your premises spotless.

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What Kind of Paint Do You Use?

Different surfaces require different types of paint; and keeping this in mind, we offer our customers various finishes for our interior painting, like matte, eggshell, satin, and gloss. We use the best-quality paints that are VOC-free and lead-free. If you require more details about the type of paint we use, you can get in touch with us.

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When is the Best Season to Paint the Exterior of My House?

The best season to paint is spring and summer because the weather and temperature are optimal for the performance of the exterior paint.

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Does a House Painter Move Furniture?

While it is indeed the ideal scenario, it is impractical to expect the painting contractors to shift and move furniture, as they have not accounted for the extra time that they will need to spend without prior knowledge. Painting contractors will, however, cover all furniture with plastic sheets to ensure that nothing is splashed or damaged with paint.

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Does a House Painter Clean Up Afterward?

At Mike Chavez Painting, we do clean up after we complete a project. Any disused paint is taken and safely disposed of. We also get rid of any spots or splatters that have fallen on the floor or any other surface.

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I’m Concerned About Safety. Do You Have a Written Safety Program or Any On-going Safety Training for Your Workers?

Our team of professional workers is experienced and we, as a company of professionals, have liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance to cover for any small or large accidents. Working with our teams will be hassle-free, and customers can expect a smooth operation without trouble.

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Do You Charge for Estimates?

Although many companies opt to charge their customers to offer the first quote, we, at Mike Chavez Painting, will offer our customers a free quote with just a call. Our team will take about 15 minutes to look around and give an estimate of the cost.

Also, we stand by our original quote, no matter what other problems crop up during the execution. This is because we believe that the contractors have to plan for contingencies and handle it in the best possible manner.

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How Long Will it Take to Paint my House?

This figure will be different for each house and the level of maintenance for each room. For the interior, for example, a medium-sized bedroom should take between four to six hours to complete, which will include all the sanding, caulking, adding a primer, and covering the floor. In the case of painting the trims, customers can expect another hour to two on that; thus, on an average, it takes about seven to eight hours to complete a medium-sized room.

The prior condition of the room, the number of coats required for the desired effect, the room size, and finally the contracting teams’ experience play a significant role in this variable.

An average-sized house, with no more than four bedrooms, which has three stories, a full painting of the exterior will take about three to four days, depending on the damage and repair required for the walls. A larger house, with three levels or a five-bedroom plus house, will take an average of five to six days, again depending on how much repair and preparation the exterior walls require.

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What Color Should I Choose for my Home?

Light pastel shades are great for the interior of a home, but it also depends a lot on the customer’s choices and preferences. Interior colors should be chosen keeping in mind the furniture and the decor of the room.

Similarly, the exterior colors should be chosen keeping in mind how frequently they wish to add a coat of touch up paint.

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How Long Will it Take for the Paint to Dry?

The answer depends on the type of paint chosen for the job. Latex paint will dry within an hour of the application, and will be ready for the second coat of paint within four hours. On the other hand, oil-based paints take about six to eight hours to dry.

Other factors affect the drying time of the paint, and they include the thickness of the coating on the wall while painting, ventilation, humidity levels, and the ambient temperature.

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When Should I Repaint the Exterior of my House?

Most paint manufacturing companies state that the exterior of a home should be painted after 10 years. However, we believe a more accurate estimate is about five to 10 years. The weather, amount of sunlight, and other environmental factors play a role in deciding how often you should repaint the exterior of your home.

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What are the Steps of Painting the Exterior of my Home?

There are eight basic steps to follow while painting the exterior of a building, and they are as follows:

  1. Pressure washing the walls
  2. Removing loose and peeling paints
  3. Repairing basic damages with epoxy fillers
  4. Using a caulk gun to fill any gaps between the window, door, and the walls
  5. Applying primers for any wood stains for a smooth coating
  6. Covering all exposed fixtures with plastic covering and painter’s tape
  7. Painting the exterior with flat or exterior eggshell paint color with a paint sprayer
  8. Painting the doors and the trim to complete the job

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How Should I Choose the Color?

Choosing the right color can be tricky, as no one wants the wrong color to rub them the wrong way, over the next few years. So, how does one decide on the colors?

  • Coordinate with the surrounding area. For the exterior, it can be anything as long as it looks good, whereas for the interior, try to select colors that will coordinate and enhance the feeling of space within the house or the building.
  • Research thoroughly before starting. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for many for the home décor ideas.
  • Choosing a neutral tone works the best; that is not to discourage customers from having a colorful interior, but as mentioned before, it should be coordinated with the surroundings.
  • Using tester on the walls can help estimate how the colors will look during the day and the night with the lighting available inside and outside of the house.
  • Testing them against the fabrics and upholstery, ensuring that there are undertones that look good together.
  • Choosing the right finish also makes a big difference in the outcome.
  • Understanding the undertones is necessary for the best outcome from the paint job.
  • A color theme can be a fun and exciting way to do the interior, although, it is not for everyone.

If you are looking for local painters in Santa Rosa, we suggest you give us a call for a free quotation for the house or your business. Mike Chavez Painting is established in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa as a painting contractor company with a commitment to honesty, communication, and quality of work. We specialize in Santa Rosa for custom interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, as well as industrial floor coating systems and cabinetry painting. Contact us today at 707-623-5850 to speak to an expert painting contractor!

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