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4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Cabinet Painting Company

4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Cabinet Painting Company

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Cabinets are an integral part of home interiors. Stylish and classy cabinets not only uplift the aesthetic appeal of the installation area, but also store miscellaneous items helping you address space crunch. Cabinets lose its shiny appearance over time. Exposure to the elements, cooking oils, splattering foods, and sticky fingers can result in a lackluster coating. A dull cabinet in a kitchen or any other area is an eyesore.

In most kitchens, cabinets take the most real estate. If your cabinets look old, or have several dents or chips, these imperfections will stick out. To restore your cabinets to its former glory, consider giving it a makeover. Before you get started on your search for a cabinet painting company in Santa Rosa, CA, seek answers to these questions.

What is the Condition of My Cabinets?

Many homeowners think that there is no hope for their old cabinets. They opt for replacements in a desperate attempt to stylize their kitchen and improve its aesthetic appeal. Replacing cabinets is a costly affair. Just because your cabinets look old does not mean you necessarily have to replace them.

Cabinets that look old and have lost shine, but are still structurally sound are the best candidates for a fresh coat of paint. Just make sure that they do not exhibit any signs of moisture damage such as warped frames, swollen wood, and sagging doors. Cabinet painting in Santa Rosa, CA is not just cost-effective, but will also keep the original structure of your cabinets intact.

What Are the Benefits of Cabinet Painting?

Some major benefits of cabinet painting are:

  • Costs substantially less than cabinet replacement
  • Takes lesser time and effort than cabinet replacement
  • You will be able to use your kitchen while the project is underway
  • It is eco-friendly as you are not adding to landfills
  • Relatively hassle-free (as no tearing is involved)

What Are My Cabinet Painting Options?

Some popular cabinet refinishing options include:

  • Acrylic: USP – Non-toxic
  • Laminate: USP – Superior durability and resistance to heat
  • Melamine: USP – Superior resistance to stain and moisture
  • Veneer: USP – Lends a more detailed look
  • Lacquer: USP – Provides a high gloss luster

Will I Be Able to Use My Kitchen While My Cabinets Get Painted?

Cabinet painting does not usually generate a lot of dust. Cabinet painting, like every project that involves sanding, will generate a certain amount of dust; however, it will be manageable and you should be able to use your kitchen. To keep dust to a minimum, many contractors cover the openings to the kitchen with plastic.

Cabinet painting has more benefits than you could imagine. Your newly painted cabinets will uplift the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and will add value to your home. At Mike Chavez Painting, we specialize in cabinet painting. We do not just refinish old cabinets, we breathe life into them, making homeowners fall in love with their kitchen all over again. To consult with an expert at our cabinet painting company, call us at 707-623-5850.