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5 Common Mistakes When Hiring Painting Contractors in Sonoma County

5 Common Mistakes When Hiring Painting Contractors in Sonoma County

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At Mike Chavez Painting, we know not all painting contractors are the same. There are some with the necessary credentials and elevated hiring practices, while other service providers will hire anyone, regardless of experience, and send them over to your house.

So, before you hire a painting contractor in Sonoma County, make sure to avoid these five common mistakes in hiring such a professional.

Failure to Receiving a Detailed Quote

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not receiving a detailed quote ahead of time. Should you not receive such a quote, you may end up with an inflated bill in the end. 

Going With the Biggest Company

You may see advertisements detailing how such and such company is the biggest in the area. Bigger doesn’t always mean better though. In fact, the company is likely the biggest because it brings in individuals without painting experience, pays them inferior wages and sends them to your house. That is not a great recipe for a quality job. 

Avoid the Jack-of-all-Trade Professionals

There will be contractors out there that promise to do everything. However, when a contractor specializes in everything, it usually means they are not excellent in anything. You don’t want a run of the mill paint job; you want an excellent paint job. With our team at Mike Chavez Painting, you know you’ll receive the best paint and service you can find! 

Picking Based on Price

While cost should play a factor, it should not be the only reason as to why you select a particular contractor. Almost all contractors are within 10% of one another. So go with the contractor you feel most comfortable with. 

Going Under the Table

  • Under the table may sound like a great way to save money, but there is no liability insurance, which means any damage the “contractor” causes comes out of your pocket in the end.
  • Whether painting the interior of your home or the exterior, you need a professional service provider capable of meeting your needs while offering you peace of mind.
  • By avoiding these five common mistakes when hiring one of the painting contractors in Sonoma County, you’ll not only hire one of the best, but some of the most respected as well.

Of course, you can also contact us at Mike Chavez Painting today. As a leading painting contractor in Sonoma County, we will ensure all your questions are answered and you get the results you want. Call us now!