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5 Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

5 Tips for Choosing Interior Paint Colors

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After you have decided to paint the interior of your home, one of the first things to do is choose a paint color. The right paint color can add character to your home and liven and brighten up your spaces. In addition, it can evoke positive emotions ranging from love to happiness, helping improve your mood.

Many Windsor homeowners feel overwhelmed with too many paint color options to choose from. They end up choosing the most popular paint color, which may not be the right choice for them.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right paint color for your home.

Use Online and Offline Resources

Go through home improvement magazines and catalogs that discuss color trends. Visit home improvement websites, house painting company websites, paint manufacturer websites, and retailer sites. Check out the social media profiles of paint brands and painting companies. Visit painting forums and discussion and message boards discussing color theory principles in detail. Discuss your ideas with local house painters that serve Windsor.

Create a Color Scheme Using Color Theory

You do not need to have an in-depth understanding of color theory to use the color wheel to get great ideas. With a turn of the wheel, you can see how different colors on it relate to each other. While you probably won’t paint the interior of your home in the exact colors you see on the wheel, you can choose different shades of those colors.

Consider Prints

Use furnishings such as bedding, throw pillows, and table linens to come up with paint color ideas. If you plan to create an accent wall, consider the boldest colors in print. Take a fabric swatch to a paint store and choose paint strips to view at home. Choose at least three colors – one for your walls and the other two for your furnishings.

Use Undertones to Find the Perfect Color

An undertone is a color from underneath the paint color that affects its overall hue. Sample it to better understand how an undertone will look in your space. Take the time to understand the difference between cool and warm undertones. Next, test the darkest color on the paint strip on a small area of your wall. Analyze the effect of its undertone on the look and feel of your interior.

Consider Neutral Paint Colors

There are several compelling reasons to use neutral paint colors. They allow you to change the overall style of your rooms without repainting them. Neutral colors beautify your space and allow you to experiment. Painting a striped wall a neutral color is a great way to add style to the room and improve its mood. If one of your rooms has a pastel ceiling, paint the wall in a neutral color to make the room more vibrant.

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