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6 Reasons Polished Concrete Floors Outlast Other Options

6 Reasons Polished Concrete Floors Outlast Other Options

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A polished concrete floor is a concrete floor that has been mechanically ground, honed and polished with bonded abrasives to cut the surface. The densifier fills the pores which enhances the floor’s aesthetic appeal. Grinding tools are used to achieve a glossy finish. The customer can choose between a more exposed aggregate or a shinier polish.

The benefits of polished concrete extend beyond aesthetics. It is frequently used in residential and commercial projects due to its superior properties to create a beautiful, durable finish.

Here are some benefits of polished concrete and why more homeowners should consider it.


Polished concrete is known for its superior durability. Many flooring experts consider polished concrete flooring the best flooring option for high-traffic areas and heavy equipment. It is scratch- and chip-resistant, resistant to moisture, and can withstand abrasion. Sealed polished concrete floors are widely used in chemical plants as they are resistant to corrosive acids.


Polished concrete flooring typically lasts longer than several popular flooring options such as carpeting and wood laminate. When installed properly, a polished concrete floor can last 20 years or more. Regular maintenance will add years to the useful life of your floor.


Despite its high-end appearance, polished concrete is more affordable than many popular flooring materials. In many cases, the per square foot cost of installing a polished concrete floor is almost the same as that of other inexpensive flooring options such as carpet.

How much you will have to spend on installation will primarily depend on the difficulty level of your project and whether you already have a concrete slab that only needs finishing and staining.

Environmentally Friendly

Installing a polished concrete floor does not involve the use of hazardous adhesives, chemical coatings or cleaners. You also do not need abrasive cleaners to maintain your flooring. Polished concrete floors are energy-efficient and can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

Easy Maintenance

Polished concrete requires considerably less maintenance than many popular flooring options. You do not need to periodically strip the surface of your polished concrete floor and apply wax or other coating to maintain it.

Polished concrete floors do not hold onto dust and dirt and are easy to clean. Since dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens cannot collect in its crevices, a polished concrete floor can help improve indoor air quality.

To minimize dust buildup, periodically mop and sweep your floor. If it has a glossy finish, damp mop it from time to time.

Can Help Reduce Lighting Use and Costs

A polished concrete floor with a glossy finish is incredibly reflective and can help reduce the amount of artificial light required to illuminate the area in which it is installed.

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