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7 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Two-Tone Look

7 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Two-Tone Look

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Painting walls with two colors is a great way to create visual and architectural interest. Two-toned walls add dimension and character to a space and help make it look bigger. When you paint your walls two colors, you do not have to choose between your two favorite colors.

Many homeowners combine white with warm colors such as shades of ochre, deep greens, warm pastels, and earthy browns for a truly unique look. If you are painting your kitchen, consider combining ochre and sandy pink. Warm pinks and shades of dark green work wonders for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Want to make your bedroom feel cozier? Transform it into an oasis with a combination of moody green and a soft, teal blue.

As Petaluma’s leading painting contractor, Mike Chavez Painting has put together some ways to help you achieve a great two-tones look in your home.

Line It Up

Need help deciding where to start your paint line? Use the chair rail, door frame, or fireplace mantle as a guide. Align the block of color with the fireplace surround or any other architectural element to achieve a crisp look.

Bring Color to the Ceiling

Still trying to decide where to break between colors? Paint your wall with one shade up to your picture molding, usually 12-20 inches below the ceiling. Then, to create the feeling of a more expansive space, paint the ceiling the same color as the top hue.

Combine Colors

To create a unique effect, pick two of your favorite bright shades. The bolder, the better. For cohesiveness, stick to one paint sheen for both colors.

Divide Your Wall into Unequal Halves and Paint

A unique two-tone painting technique is to divide the wall into unequal halves instead of equal halves and then paint them in two different colors. This is a great way to make the room appear bigger and add character. For best results, use contrasting colors.

Get Creative

Are you feeling creative? Paint your wall roughly halfway up using imperfect strokes to give it a unique artsy makeover.

Stripe it Up

If you are painting a low-ceiling room, divide the wall horizontally. Paint its lower half in a darker shade. On the upper half, paint stripes. This painting technique will make the room appear bigger. Want to add a touch of sophistication to a room with white furniture? Combine gray with white.

Color Wash Your Walls

Color washing your walls is a great way to add texture and warmth. This technique can create accent walls to divide the open living room areas. To enhance the effect, keep the base color neutral. Display abstract artwork if you want to transform a dark wall into a feature wall.

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