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Amazing Ways to Protect the Exterior Paint of Your Home

Amazing Ways to Protect the Exterior Paint of Your Home

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When you give your exterior a coat of paint, it takes on the job of protecting your walls from the elements, and makes your building look more graceful and stylish. A good exterior painting job will also increase the value of your house by several manifolds. Listed below are a few exterior painting tips from a reputed painting company in Healdsburg that you must consider before you pick up a can of paint!

Manage Your Greenery – A barrier of bushes, vines and even tall trees can lend a touch of grace and natural beauty to your home while also protecting your home from direct sunlight and rainfall. This in turn will help extend the lifespan of your paint. However, if the vines grow wild, they could also cause physical damage to the paint and exteriors of your home. Therefore, it is prudent that you inspect the vines and branches regularly, and also trim down those that may be pressing against your walls.

Clean up the Gutters – Gravity helps in drawing everything – from the leaves strewn in your yard to rain water – toward the ground. Though gutters, sloped roofing, and tarring do help in sending any debris sliding off the roof away from the exterior walls, these are not immune to failure. It is important that you get rid of any debris that may have collected on the roof, which could lead to clogs and damp spots. An overflow from gutters can lead to streaks on your exterior walls, and could also damage the paint!

Exfoliate the Grime FromYour Walls – As much as you may try, it is not possible to do away with the build-up of stray particulates from weather, animals, and plants on your walls. However, if you do not take action, and let the gunk sit on the walls, it will cause your paint to decay rapidly. Give your exteriors a good power wash or a scrub down once in every few months to remove residue. Be careful not to use any harsh cleaning products that could damage the paint.

Look out for Problem Areas – Perform an inspection of the walls from time to time. While you do so, be sure to take a number of pictures of the exteriors of your building while making note of the location. This will let you notice the differences that the elements and time can inflict on your paint job. If you see the paint cracking up or drying up, you can call in the professionals from a reputed painting company in Healdsburg to remedy it for you.

Properly painting the exterior of a building is by no means a simple task. It requires the right technical expertise and equipment to ensure that the paint job lasts for several years. If you find the paint on your exterior walls peeling or cracking, waste no time. Contact Mike Chavez Painting at 707-623-5850 for a free quote today!