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Cabinet Painting in 2020: Modern Ideas and Color Predictions

Cabinet Painting in 2020: Modern Ideas and Color Predictions

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One of the main features within a kitchen is cabinetry. Cabinets do not just help save space, but also improve the value of your home. Your kitchen cabinets have a significant impact on the look and feel of your kitchen.

When planning a home improvement project, remember to set aside a certain sum for cabinet painting. Painting your cabinets is more affordable and convenient than tearing them out and replacing them with new ones.

Here are some cabinet painting trends to watch out for in 2020.

Two-tone Cabinets Are In

Two-tone cabinets are the new rage in town. They are used for adding character to spaces. A significant advantage of two-tone cabinets is that you get to use more than one of your favorite tones, which allows for more decorating options.

Many homeowners use gray or blue on the lowers and a shade of white on the uppers. To get on this trend, pick a focal point. Not a fan of bold paint colors? There are other ways to apply this look.

You can, for instance, opt for two materials in your cabinets or use a darker shade at the bottom. Make sure every cabinet includes a coordinating element.

Accent Colors Are Making a Huge Splash

Many cabinet painting companies in Santa Rosa use accent colors for emphasis. Accent colors can be bold or vivid. Though impactful, they must be used sparingly to contrast, emphasize, or create rhythm. If you are a fan of accent colors, think colorful knobs, handles, and accent-painted edging.

Bold Colors Are Here to Stay

The modern homeowner is willing to experiment with colors. As homeowners get out of their comfort zones, the demand for bold colors is increasing with every passing year.

Use these bold shades to add character to your cabinets.


Pastels are the first choice of people with a spiritual bent of mind. Look for a color palette that showcases muted pastels mixed with dark shades of blue or green. Yellow hues are a popular choice for gender-neutral rooms.

Soft Clay

People with an earthy spirit often prefer soft clay to other shades. From terracotta to burnt orange, there are various options to choose from. These colors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of areas where they are installed but also elevate mood.


If you like keeping things relaxed and appealing, opt for a chilled color palette such as mushroom. This gender-neutral hue blends with almost any design.

New Blues

New blues combine old-world charm with contemporary sophistication. Some popular shades that deserve your attention are gray-blue, charcoal blue, and ice blue.

Planning a painting project? Let experts at Mike Chavez Painting help. Nothing excites us more than coming up with and executing painting ideas to transform ordinary areas into awe-inspiring places. We are on a mission to add character to as many homes as we can. To discuss your project, call us at 707-623-5850.