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Get Leading Painting Services in Sonoma County with Mike Chavez Painting

Get Leading Painting Services in Sonoma County with Mike Chavez Painting

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You’ve finally decided that your home could do with a fresh coat of paint to liven up your interior design. It’s incredible what some color can do for you, but you may be weighing the pros and cons of employing painting services in Sonoma County.

Our team at Mike Chavez Painting offers a guide for your next painting project.

DIY Painting Pros and Cons

The main benefit that can be accomplished when doing your interior paint job yourself over choosing painting services in Sonoma County is that it saves money. Your expenses are the supplies that you’ll need, and your time. 

However, you may find that this can also be a negative, as well, because buying painting supplies and even a ladder for painting your home one time can be somewhat pricey. What are you going to do with the supplies after you’re done? There’s also the fact that painting takes a lot of time and a professional you hire will have plenty of painting experience.

Employing a Professional Painting Service Pros and Cons

The main negative in bringing in painting services in Sonoma County is that you’ll have to pay for this service, but there are many positives that outweigh any negative.

  • One is that you won’t be spending your precious off time trying to paint your rooms or home. Painting is one of those tasks that seems easy when you think about it, but takes up a lot of time and requires skill. It requires taping off fixtures and using the right brushes and tools in the right areas so that the paint looks great and doesn’t smear or smudge in areas it shouldn’t. It can take a professional much less time to get the job done.


  • Another is that painters will be covered by insurance, and if any problem pops up, the insurance should cover it. This coverage is protection that you won’t have if you try to paint your home yourself and have a problem.


  • You may find that you didn’t do a very good job in the first place when it comes to painting the room, such as trying to get the right shade of red on the wall and end up having to hire a professional painter anyway. If you’re painting your interior to give your home a better feel visually and it doesn’t come out as you expected, it can be disappointing.  

Trust Our Sonoma County Painting Services

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