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Getting Creative with Epoxy Floor Coatings

Getting Creative with Epoxy Floor Coatings

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We all want to make our spaces look fantastic, and our garages, homes, and offices reflect our unique styles and personalities. Epoxy coating can transform ordinary buildings into inspiring spaces. High gloss floor coatings can improve brightness in installation areas by up to as much as 300 percent.


Epoxy coatings are used for both residential and commercial floors. They are usually applied on floors to provide high performance, durable, and long-lasting surfaces. Epoxy floor coating can boost a floor’s ability to withstand daily wear and tear. It is no wonder they are considered ideal for areas that see a lot of foot and even vehicle traffic (such as forklifts and heavy machinery in industrial settings). 


There are several benefits of epoxy coating. It is durable, slip-resistant, and easy to maintain, and can do wonders for your floors’ aesthetic appeal. Because epoxy floor coatings can resist almost all types of damages, your floors will continue to look great for years to come. 


With resin floors, you have a plethora of choices in terms of colors and textures. An experienced and skilled garage floor epoxy contractor with a creative bent of mind will use your floor as a blank canvas. They will leverage their expertise and creativity to create something truly unique and striking. 


Floors installed in commercial settings are used to create unique effects with lighting. Many contractors use designs to manipulate pigmentation in the floor’s surface coating. The benefits of decorative epoxy coatings go beyond aesthetics. They are wear and tear-resistant and last for several years. 


In industrial settings, the epoxy floor coatings create and highlight designated work zones, make decorative designs and denote traffic patterns/paths. For commercial settings, 3D art is gaining popularity. Graphic murals are used to create mind-bending optical illusions. Epoxy coatings do not just enhance the colors of these designs but protect them against damage. 


Epoxy can be used for tables, jewelry, and counters. Some artists have gone even as far as encasing coffee beans in epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy floor coating can also be used to embalm and enclose living things. Epoxy floor coatings are used in interior renovation projects to breathe new life into dull walls and countertops. 


Need epoxy flooring ideas? Look no further than Mike Chavez Painting, a reputable garage floor epoxy contractor in Sonoma County. Nothing excites us more than transforming ordinary buildings into extraordinary spaces. To make an appointment, call 707-623-5850.