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House Painters in Sonoma County – Tips for Changing Ceiling Colors

House Painters in Sonoma County – Tips for Changing Ceiling Colors

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In our work as Sonoma County house painters, we deal with projects of all sizes – and we know that some people out there would like to change the look of rooms in their home, but don’t have the money for major remodeling.  In those situations, there’s often a very inexpensive way to change the entire mood and tone of a room: repainting the ceiling!

Ceilings no longer have to be boring white or even match the color of the walls.  Two-tone rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s a great option for quickly updating a room.  Not every room can handle having a distinctive ceiling, but in the right circumstances, the effect can be truly impressive.  

Here are just some of the ways a ceiling re-paint creates new effects!

How Sonoma County House Painters Can Remake Your Ceilings

1 – Raise or lower a ceiling’s feeling of height

Obviously, paint cannot literally change a ceiling’s height – but it can change the perception of height!  A light-colored ceiling will generally feel taller and more open, which is why ceilings are traditionally painted white. Or, dark tones tend to make a ceiling seem lower. In the right circumstances, this can make a room feel intimate, rather than cramped.

2 – Contrasts determine a room’s openness

Generally speaking, a room with strong contrasts between the wall and ceiling colors will feel smaller, and a room without much contrast will feel bigger.  Again, which is best depends on the psychological effect you’re going for.  Something like a study or music room can benefit from feeling intimate, whereas a dining room should feel open and inviting.

3 – Highlight your decor

Another reason one might choose a dark color for their ceiling is to emphasize decor, particularly items such as light fixtures.  A gold or silver chandelier will look amazing against a dark ceiling like as a navy blue. You could also add colored trim, particularly if you have woodwork, to bring out more contrasting highlights.

4 – Bright colors add energy

Giving your ceiling a bright yellow, green, or blue hue will add considerable energy to the room. It works particularly well in rooms that are generally in black-and-white colors, like bathrooms or your kitchen.

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