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How to Avoid Fraud or Substandard Work When You Hire a Residential Painter in Napa County

How to Avoid Fraud or Substandard Work When You Hire a Residential Painter in Napa County

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At Mike Chavez Painting, we know homeowners have no lack of options when it comes to hiring a residential painter in Napa County, but that certainly does not mean that all the options are the same!  Even beyond painting talent, there are some painting contractors who simply shouldn’t be trusted with your property – or might even be looking to defraud you.

After all, your house is an important asset and a poorly-done paint job can easily hurt its’ value.  A little smart shopping and research beforehand is the key to finding a great residential painter.

How to Uncover the Best Residential Painter in Napa County for Your Needs

  1. Look at their credentials.

Anyone can paint a house, but to advertise as a contracted painter in the state of California, they need to have their licensing in order.  Ask to see their licenses and, if necessary, follow up with the Contractors State License Board to ensure it is authentic.  A genuine contractor will never refuse to let you see their licenses.

  1. Check for bonded insurance coverage.

When a contractor carries insurance, that’s for your protection, at least as much as theirs. Not only does it protect you against any damage done to your home, it will also indemnify you against responsibility in the case of negligent accidents. Much like with the license, no reputable painter will refuse to provide insurance documentation – and you can check with their insurance company directly if you have any doubt about their coverage.

  1. Look at their past work.

One great thing about residential painters is that their work is on display for all to see. Look at their portfolio, or ask for addresses of past projects so that you can see their craftsmanship for yourself.  

  1. Get a flat-rate estimate before signing on the dotted line.

Letting a painter set an hourly rate is never a good idea.  Get a solid estimate, and have them commit to it so they don’t pad out the bill.  This is just another way of protecting yourself.

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