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How to Choose the Right Industrial Floor Coating for My Facility?

How to Choose the Right Industrial Floor Coating for My Facility?

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You need to be very careful when choosing an industrial floor coating for your facility. When you invest in an industrial floor coating for your factory, commercial space, or warehouse, the last thing you want is for it to fail prematurely. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right industrial coating for your facility. 

Consider the Demands of Your Work Environment 

Floors in commercial facilities take severe punishment daily. When choosing a floor coating, ask yourself these questions.

➢ Do you use abrasive chemicals to maintain your floors?

➢ Do chemical spills occur in your facility? 

➢ Do you use forklifts or other vehicles that can damage the floor?

➢ Do you regularly move heavy items that may drop on the floor?

➢ Does your facility experience extreme temperature shifts?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, look for an industrial floor coating contractor who can formulate a floor coating to withstand floor maintenance challenges that your facility managers face. 

Sometimes environmental stressors are not immediately apparent. If you don’t know which stresses you need to protect against, have a floor coating specialist perform a thorough on-site inspection.  

Your floor coating specialist will ensure every factor is taken into consideration when selecting a floor coating. 

Consider Your Floor’s Condition 

When choosing a coating, consider your flooring material. Do you have a steel, hardwood, tile, or concrete floor, or is your floor made from combining these materials? The type of flooring material dictates the type of coating that will work best for your floor. 

Enamel finishes, for instance, cannot withstand water damage and are not ideal for concrete floors. Moisture can wreak havoc on some coatings. Have a contractor perform a moisture test before opting for a coating. A moisture test will reveal if moisture seeping through your floor is enough to wreak havoc on certain floor coatings. 

When installing a new coating, consider if the floor was coated or treated previously. If there are remnants of a previous coating on your floor’s surface, make sure your contractor responsibly gets rid of them.

Installation Tips  

Prepare the Floor 

Thoroughly clean your floor before applying a coating. Get rid of oil stains, dust, and debris. Address moisture issues. If you do not clean and prepare your floor, your coating can form blisters or bubbles.

Hire an Installation Expert 

Your installation expert will plan everything to the last detail. They will ensure everything goes according to plan and take steps to avoid bonding and curing failures. 

Mike Chavez Painting is a renowned industrial floor coating contractor in Sonoma. We will help you choose the right coating for your floor and install it flawlessly. To schedule an appointment, call 707-623-5850.