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How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Color?

How to Choose the Right Interior Paint Color?

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Interior painting projects are some of the most popular home improvement projects. A fresh coat of color can liven up your spaces, transforming your house into a home. Whether you are painting the walls of your new home for the first time or are repainting your walls, it is imperative that you choose the right color for your interiors. The color and finish of your paint should blend with the surroundings.

Follow these tips to choose the right interior paint color to compliment a home in Healdsburg.

Get Inspired

Delve into lifestyle magazines or visit retailer and paint company sites for inspiration. Consider browsing social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest to create an inspiration board of your favorite ideas.

Take a look at collections by paint industry leaders. Exterior-inspired color schemes create a sense of calm and are relaxing. Create a color scheme inspired by nature to form a scenic environment.

Consider Neutral Paint Colors

There are several benefits of neutral colors. They add interest to your space. Get creative with neutral paint colors. For example, use two neutrals on your wall to add a subtle dimension. A striped wall in neutral color will add style to a room while making it feel more relaxing. Neutral wall color with a pastel ceiling will enhance visual interest and instantly add positive vibes.

Experiment With a Darker or Lighter Shade

Painting the walls of a small room with a darker shade is a great way to make it feel smaller, cozier and more inviting. Dark colors tend to absorb light and are often used to make a long, narrow hallway feel shorter, camouflage ducts and other exposed elements, or to create a bold backdrop that adds visual interest.

Lighter shades reflect light and are used to open up spaces and make them feel airy. Because lighter shades lack visual weight, they make rooms seem more spacious than they actually are. If you want to make a room feel taller, paint the ceiling a lighter color. You can easily create a lighter version of almost any color by mixing it with white.

Talk to a Color Consultant 

If you have run out of ideas, turn to a color consultant for advice. A color consultant will not just evaluate ideas with you, they can create a customized color palette for your home. Your color consultant may suggest changes to your lighting to address lighting issues in a room.

Before you meet a color consultant, jot down ideas and inspirations you want to share with them. If lighting creates problems during particular times of the day, ask your color consultant if they could visit during those times of the day.

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