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How to Find the Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor?

How to Find the Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor?

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Whether you want to install a new floor or plan to replace an existing one, consider epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is durable, resistant to chemicals, easy to apply, and environmentally friendly. 

Flooring installation is best left to experts. If you take the DIY route, you may make costly errors that can compromise the durability of your floor. 

Hire a reputable flooring contractor for your project. One of the most important things that will affect the performance and durability of your epoxy flooring is how it was installed. An experienced contractor follows best practices and is less likely to make installation mistakes. 

They can anticipate things that can go wrong and are prepared for almost every eventuality. If your project hits an unexpected roadblock, your contractor will know how to steer around it.  

Here are some tips to help you find the right epoxy flooring contractor. 

Get Recommendations 

Talk to friends and family members who have just wrapped up a flooring installation project. Ask them to describe their experience of working with their contractor and if they’d use them for future projects. Some questions to ask your family and friends are:

➢ Was the contractor and his crew on time?

➢ Were the workers dressed professionally?

➢ Was your project completed on time and within budget?

➢ Did the crew clean up every day after work?

➢ Are you happy with the quality of workmanship?

Research Contractors Online 

Visit contractor websites. When visiting a website, take a look at finished projects and determine if the professional has the required skills and experience to manage your project. Read online reviews. Check businesses with the BBB. See if there are any complaints about them. 

Interview Contractors’ References 

Checking a contractor’s references is an essential step before hiring a professional for your project. Talking to a contractor’s reference is important if you want to get the scoop on if the professional is suitable for your project or not. When interviewing a reference, ask them questions about the contractor’s reliability and quality of work. 

Here are some questions to ask a contractor’s reference. 

➢ What type of work did the professional do for you?

➢ Did the contractor or their subcontractors work on your project?

➢ Did the contractor have a plan to minimize disruptions?

➢ Would you recommend the professional to friends or family members?

Interview Contractors  

Once you have narrowed the list of candidates down to three or four contractors, call their offices to schedule appointments. It is important to ask contractors the right questions. Here are some questions your questionnaire should include:

➢ What kind of warranty do you offer? 

➢ Are you NWFA certified?

➢ How will you contain dust and handle clean-up?

➢ How long will my project take?

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