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How to Paint Your Home to Match the Personality of Your Family

How to Paint Your Home to Match the Personality of Your Family

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Color psychologists state that colors can be associated with personalities and emotions. So, if you are looking to paint your home, before you try to run a search for painting contractors near me, it is best to shortlist paints that match your family and its personality.

Blues for Calm Families

If you are a calm and quiet family, you may want to experiment with different shades of blue. The calming and peaceful effect of different shades of blue will help calm the family. In case you aren’t keen on having a lot of shades of blue, you can opt for an accent wall that has a contrasting color.

Greens for Pleasant and Lively Families

Greens have been associated with love, care, and attention. Green evokes positivity. So, if you are a family that is pleasant and positive, opt to paint your home in different shades of green. It will match the personality of your family to a T; and based on your choice, you can search for painting contractors near me who meet your expectations.

Yellows for Creative Families

Yellow and the different tones of the color are associated with chirpiness, bubbly, and creative people. So, if you feel that your family is vivacious, creative dreamers, and go-getters, you may want to choose different shades of yellow to set the mood of your home. You can easily find subtle and vibrant yellow tones, and paint all walls or a single accent wall to suit the personality of your family.

Oranges for Ambitious Families

Orange is the color of enthusiasm and flamboyance. So, if you want a color that resonates with these characters of your family, you will want to choose orange and different shades of the color for your home. Your quest for painting contractors near me will come to an end when you find one who can work with orange and its shades using stencil work, velvet patterns, and mesh patterns to give your home a spectacular look and feel. Just remember, oranges are not meant for the exterior of your home.

Just check out the association that colors have with personality and you will be able to paint your home to match your family and its quirkiness. Thereafter, you can look for painting contractors near me to shortlist one who can make your dream home come to life with the right paint colors. Call Mike Chavez Painting at 707-623-5850 to get a competitive quote to paint your home just the way you like it!