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How to Repair Your Garage Floor With Epoxy

How to Repair Your Garage Floor With Epoxy

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Your garage floor has a significant impact on the overall look of your exterior. As concrete garage floors age, they deteriorate. Over time, the elements can cause cracks and disintegrate concrete.

Too much moisture or water in the room or poor installation are some other common causes of cracking. Whatever the reason, if you do not move swiftly to address the problem, you may end up with a costly repair.

You know your garage floor needs a makeover when you notice cracks developing on the surface of your floor. Repair cracks in your garage floor as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading and causing further damage.

Prepare the site before starting the crack repair. If the surface of your floor is severely cracked or has several holes, repair the damaged areas with mortar.

How to Repair a Concrete Garage Floor

To repair your concrete garage floor, first eliminate all the broken pieces from the affected area. Get rid of the remains of broken concrete with a hard brush and spatula. Sweep the surface to remove dust.

Once you have removed dirt and dust, apply a layer of primer. Let the primer dry for 10 hours. This will allow the concrete to grip the surface better.

Apply mortar to the damaged area with a trowel or meter ruler. If you are repairing a large area, make sure the mortar is semi-liquid for better self-leveling. To improve the durability of the surface, apply a little dry cement to it and plaster it.

Pay attention to low spots that may require extra material. When repairing major splits and cracks, fill the damaged area with silica sand to keep the material from leaking down. Apply an epoxy sand slurry or fixing blend to the affected area.

If you are using a self-leveling combination, you can connect it with a metal squeegee. You may need a new application to fill in any low spots you missed.

Why Use Epoxy? 

There are several benefits of epoxy. It is known for its superior durability, is easy to maintain, slip-resistant, and cost-effective. An epoxy floor coating will hide cracks, and you won’t have to repair your floor frequently.

Applying an epoxy floor coating to an unprepared surface is a waste of time and money. If you do not know how to prepare the concrete below your epoxy, hire a professional. Your contractor will properly prepare your surface so the epoxy bonds to it.

Unsightly cracks in your garage floor will not just affect the aesthetic appeal of your exterior but can damage your car’s tires. Let Mike Chavez Painting can give your garage floor a makeover. We are a renowned epoxy floor coating company near you. Garage floors take a lot of punishment on a daily basis and no one understands this better than us. We will come up with a maintenance plan to prevent cracks and reduce stress on your garage floor. To talk to one of our experts, call 707-623-5850.