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Local Napa County Painting Guide – Are Interior and Exterior Paint Interchangeable?

Local Napa County Painting Guide – Are Interior and Exterior Paint Interchangeable?

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It’s important to know what type of paint should be used when wanting to start a new project. Indoor and outdoor paints both have specific purposes and can be applied in a variety of ways. Each type of paint contains certain ingredients that make it unique to its purpose. If you are considering a large painting project and are unsure about the type of paints to use, our local painters at Mike Chavez Painting in Napa County are always here to help you choose. We can answer your questions and even tell you the best way to apply each paint.

Here are some things you should know before choosing your paint.

  • Indoor Paint

Indoor and outdoor paints serve different purposes. Indoor paint must be able to withstand stains and hand prints. It needs to be easy to clean and maintain its color even when exposed to direct sunlight. Indoor paints come in matte, semi-gloss and gloss finishes that can be used to accent almost any décor. Indoor paints can be mixed to match any color and can be applied with rollers and brushes.

  • Outdoor Paint

Outdoor paints are normally spray painted on, although brushes can be used for trim and intricate or ornate designs. 

  • Resins

When it comes to the resins that are used to help the pigments attach to the surface, softer resins are most often used in exterior paints. Resins keep the paint looking its best even if the surface below is deteriorating. This type of resin can withstand extreme temperature changes and helps to prevent peeling and chipping that can make painted surfaces look worn. Using a tougher resin allows the paint to be washed without damaging its surface. The formula used to create both types of paints are distinct and specific, making each type of paint suitable for one intended purpose.

  • Know What You Need

Due to how they are made, indoor and outdoor paints cannot be interchanged. If an indoor paint is used outside it can fade and begin to deteriorate. By the same token, outdoor paint that is used indoors may show nicks and scratches that would not be present if an indoor paint was used.

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