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A fresh coat of paint on your home helps preserve, protect, beautify and clean up your space (and also makes each surface more cleanable). Consider the help of local painters in Sonoma County when making your first step toward successfully painting your residence or commercial building.

A do-it-yourself approach to painting the exterior or interior of your home may sound cheaper up front but may end up costing you more in the long run if you’re unhappy with the results. Using a licensed painter is a better choice if you need that professional look without a personal hassle.

Benefits of working with local painters in Sonoma County

Consider the realities of a painting project: You will need to protect the surrounding areas, remove much of the furniture, “sheet up” and make the working environment safe. All that comes before stripping any old paint, which may present health risks especially when you are dealing with dangerous chemicals or asbestos.

That’s not to mention choosing the right color and paint sheen to fit into your color scheme. You’ll also want to make sure you understand the quantity of paint needed for each room and the type of paint for this project to avoid overbuying or using poor quality paint.

During the process of painting, safety concerns can lead to D.I.Y. nightmares. Take caution when using ladders to avoid injury. You should also be aware that solvent-based paint catches fire easily and can produce toxic fumes.

As you can see, the painting process isn’t easy especially when taking it on yourself. The benefits of using a licensed painting contractor include:

  • Expertise on the tough and tedious process of surface preparation
  • Knowledge regarding choice of color, primers and paint
  • Use of best equipment and tools for the job
  • Certified painters to remove lead-based paint from old houses
  • Eye for quality results
  • Attention to cleanup

For a high quality painting job on your residential or commercial building, you need to use the services of local painters in Sonoma County like Mike Chavez Painting. Plan your painting project by calling 707-623-5850 today!