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Our House Painters in Sonoma County Outline What May Be Causing Your Wall Paint to Bubble

Our House Painters in Sonoma County Outline What May Be Causing Your Wall Paint to Bubble

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You’ve recently decided to paint your walls to get a fresh new look. So, what should you do if you notice bubbling on your wall paint and what exactly is causing this bubbling to occur? All the answers you need can be found in our newest post. Should you decide you’d rather have professionals take care of your painting needs, all you need to do is turn to the professional Sonoma County house painters at Mike Chavez Painting.

Tips for getting that perfect new coat of paint.

  • Problems Before Painting

So, you just put down a fresh coat of paint and, for whatever reason, it’s starting to bubble and blister? What exactly does this mean? Chances are, your surface was not ready for painting. If the wall was dirty, or if there was any moisture present on the wall it can cause the paint to form these bubbles. It may also bubble and blister in extreme heat conditions (especially when it is both hot and humid). 

  • Wrong Paint Choice

The cause of the blistering isn’t always because the wall is dirty, or moisture is present. You may have just selected the wrong kind of paint. Perhaps you picked out oil paint because you like the visual appearance of it. That’s fine, but applying oil-based paint over latex based paint often leads to the blistering effect. Applying alkyd paint over latex paint also may lead to this kind of effect. 

If you are using latex paint over current latex paint and it’s still bubbling, it’s probably because the latex paint was exposed to moisture relatively soon after drying out. Making sure all moisture is avoided while painting is necessary. 

  • Avoiding Blistering

There are a few steps you can take that will help avoid blistering (especially if you decide to paint yourself). First, make sure you stir the paint prior to use, as this will help push air out of the paint. Only use paint less than 12 months old and always clear the surface first.

Mike Chavez Painting Is Here

Whether you’re currently suffering from bubbles in your paint or you want to completely change the interior look of your home, our house painters in Sonoma County can provide you with professional painting services and solutions. So instead of attempting to do it yourself with less than professional results, now is the time to contact the team at Mike Chavez Painting.