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Our Residential Painters in Napa County Highlight the Value of High-Quality Paint

Our Residential Painters in Napa County Highlight the Value of High-Quality Paint

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There is no shortage of residential painters in Napa County to choose from. At Mike Chavez Painting, we stand out from our competition by not only the quality of our work but also the quality of the paints we use. High-quality paint offers customers several advantages when painting both the exterior and interior of their home. These features include the following examples. 

Why We Use Top Quality Paint

  • Better Binding: Higher-quality paints bind better to surfaces. This saves time, additional coats, and allows you to apply paint to out of the way places if needed.
  • Better Coverage: Many paint jobs require painting over older paint. The higher quality the new paint is, the fewer coats needed to cover up the old paint.
  • Splatter Resistance: When painting cheaper paints splatter more. Higher quality paints splatter far less saving on cleanup time and making for an easier job.
  • Better Flow: Brushstrokes from brushes and rollers are far more visible when using a cheaper paint. By investing in a higher quality paint there are fewer strokes visible making for a more visually pleasing finish.
  • Stain Resistant: Higher quality paint resists stains and dirt. This can be a very useful feature when painting the exterior of your home or interior areas such as a kitchen, play area, or children’s room.
  • Tougher: A higher quality paint is a tougher paint meaning you can scrub it down or perform more thorough cleaning without having to worry you’re going to damage the paint.
  • Touch Ups: Are required every so often and a higher quality paint is far easier to touch up then a cheaper one. This means you don’t have to repaint an entire room or your home’s exterior to repair minor damage.
  • Longer Lasting: Finally, quality paint supply lasts longer due to its resistance to mildew and fading.

The Qualities of a High-Quality Paint

High-quality paints are also notably different than their cheaper counterparts based on how their chemical composition. A high-quality paint has more solid components (resins and pigments), a lower amount of solvents, and additional additives that improve overall quality.

Let Our Residential Painters in Napa County Help

When considering a residential paint team in Napa County, we hope you’ll consider Mike Chavez Painting. We offer quality work and high-quality paint and have the experience needed to meet your painting needs to the highest possible standards. Contact us today to learn more.