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Painting Older Stair Railings: Style, Options, and Colors

Painting Older Stair Railings: Style, Options, and Colors

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The Importance of Maintaining Railings

Your railings have a significant impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home and may even help increase its value. Even indoor railings are exposed to the elements and can deteriorate over time.

Periodically applying a fresh coat of paint to your railings and staining them is a great way to keep them looking their best for years. Paint creates a protective layer that inhibits corrosion, adding years to the useful life of your railings. Many homeowners stain their railings to make a bold statement. 

Design Options for Staircases

Whether your staircase has a unique curved banister or ornate spindles with multiple details, it’s possible to paint or stain them in a way that gives your staircase an elegant, stylish look. If you do not like the look of your spindles, consider replacing them, but paint the banister for a contemporary look and feel.

One of the latest home improvement trends is painting or staining the treads, the part of stairs walked on, and the uprights, the part next to the treads.

Trends in Painting and Staining

Some homeowners choose to paint their uprights a bright white. Do you want to go for a bold look? Paint your uprights in ombre tones, charcoal, red, or olive greens. For a more contemporary look, paint your spindles crisp white and your banister black or stained brown.

Painting spindles and banisters is a specialized task. The job requires extreme attention to detail. You will first need to tape, tarp, and sand your railing. Repair dings, dents, and other imperfections and back caulk joints and seams. Prime your staircase with the right primer and use the right sheen for enhanced durability.

Steps to Properly Paint and Stain Railings

The finish should be smooth and drip-free. A sloppily painted railing can ruin the look of your staircase and cause more harm than good. Want to ensure a great painting project? Work with expert painters who regularly work on homes in Healdsburg.

There is a wide variety of stain and color options to choose from for your project. For uniformity and synchronicity, use the same color on your banister and handrails, baseboard trim and crown molding.

Choosing Colors and Stains

If you want to give your railing a classic yet contemporary look, try a soft black color. For a bright and clean look, paint your banisters and handrails white.

If you’re only painting your railing, go with a neutral color such as dark brown or black. Choose a shade that will match well with the uprights, treads, and spindles. When painting the entire staircase, consider a black and white combination where your handrails and treads are black and spindles and uprights white to create contrast.

For stair treads, use darker colors as this part gets a lot of foot traffic. A darker shade will hide imperfections such as dings and scratches that result from regular wear and tear.

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