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Painting Tips from Our Sonoma County House Painters

Painting Tips from Our Sonoma County House Painters

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Having a hard time choosing the perfect color scheme for your home? Even with so many colors to choose from, picking the right color palette is one of the most daunting tasks when decorating a home. If you don’t want to involve professional house painters Sonoma County at this early stage of choosing a color, you can still manage to choose a perfect color scheme by yourself. Check out the following 4 tips that will steer you in the right direction as far as choosing a beautiful color scheme for your home is concerned:

  1. Your Favorite Color

Start at the very beginning – is there a certain color or a combination of colors that you are particularly fond of? Do you like green, yellow or blue? Pick the color you tend to prefer and look at it several hues and shades darker and several hues and shades lighter. It’s from here that you will come up with a color scheme.

  1. Consider your Living Room

The living room is the place from which your color scheme will naturally flow. Start by determining which colors and combinations will be the most ideal for your living room. That will be the basis of your choices for the other rooms and parts of your home.

  1. Mix and Match

If you have one particular color that you like, it’s best to combine it with another contrasting or complementing color. For example, a combination of green-blue brings together two contrasting colors that create a more dramatic color scheme that introduces more energy to a home. Blue and orange are two opposing colors that create a bold and high energy complementary color scheme.

  1. Use Different Colors for Different Rooms

While using the same color brings about a sense of continuity throughout the home, using a varied colored scheme from one room to another works really well. As for hallways, landings, and entryways, be sure to choose neutral colors. This will help to make the colors of the rooms to which they connect easily stand out.

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Once you pick your color scheme, the next important task is to choose a reliable painter. Mike Chavez Painting is the name that comes to most people’s mind when they think of house painters in Sonoma County. With our deep knowledge of colors and paint types combined with expert workmanship, we can handle any painting project. Contact us today!