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Reasons to Paint Your Interior in Summer

Reasons to Paint Your Interior in Summer

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Painting the interior of your home is a great way to boost its value. One of the most common questions homeowners ask themselves is, when is the right time to paint the interior of their house?

Many homeowners prefer painting their interior in winter. We do not see any reason why interiors could not also be painted during summer. Why wait another 6-7 months to give your home a chic makeover when you can bring your vision to life in summer?

Here are some reasons why many painters in Santa Rosa, CA and elsewhere advise painting a home’s interior during the summer months.

Quick Drying

If you choose to paint your home’s interior in summer, you will save both time and effort. Before painting your interior, you will have to spackle and prime the walls. The high temperature would mean less prep time as the spackling will dry quickly.

The paint will dry at a similar speed, which means you can apply multiple coats the same day. While the hot weather will make your work easier, do not choose a warmer than normal day to paint your exterior, as intense heat can negatively impact paint quality.

You Can Use Sunlight to Your Advantage

The sun can play an important role in helping you select the right color for your home. Natural light reflects much differently through the windows than artificial light. It can reveal much about the aesthetics of your home, helping you determine possible options that may work best with different aspects of shadings, light, and shadows.

Thinner Paint

High temperatures can thin out the paint in cans and on walls, helping maintain correct viscosity. Thin paint is also easy to mix and apply.

Tips for Painting in Summer

Choose the Right Paint

The importance of choosing the right paint type cannot be emphasized enough. Use a 100 percent acrylic paint, as acrylic tends to adhere and conceal better, offers superior stain resistance, and does not fade away easily.

Adding water to the mix will slow down the paint’s ability to dry. Alternatively, use a paint additive.

Choose a Color

Choose a color that blends in with the surroundings of your home. Many color psychologists recommend using blue and green shades as they soothe the senses and remind us of elements from nature, such as the sky, foliage, and water.

Do Not Paint When It’s Too Hot

Do not paint your interior when it’s too hot outside (temperature > 95 degrees F). Early morning is the absolute best time to begin a painting job. You can also start after the sun goes down. Wait for cooler days to paint walls with unhindered exposure to the sun.

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