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Some Essential Things to Do Before Getting Started on Your Painting Project

Some Essential Things to Do Before Getting Started on Your Painting Project

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Painting your home’s exterior can boost its value. A 2015 study estimates that the ROI on an exterior painting project can be up to 51 percent. Bright, eye-catching colors can work wonders for dull, unimaginative areas, adding character to them. To make your painting job a smashing success, you need to plan everything in advance. Before your painting contractor in Petaluma gets started on the project, you need to prepare your walls for painting. Here are some tips to accomplish this objective.

Thoroughly Clean the Walls

Before getting started on your painting project, thoroughly clean the walls to be painted with a mild detergent and water. Though advanced formulas used in modern paints enable them to bond well to different surfaces, they adhere best to perfectly clean and smooth surfaces.

Cleaning surfaces before painting is an effective way to ensure your paint job lasts for years. Use pressure cleaning to get rid of years of accumulated dirt and filth; however, be very careful to avoid using excess pressure as it may damage the stucco and wood. Remember to remove cobwebs, dirt, and dust. If too much dust has accumulated in your home, use a degreaser to remove lubricant, grease, paint, and abrasive dust.

Repair Damaged Surfaces

Repair minor dents, holes, and cracks with spackling paste. Clean patches of mildew with bleach. Once the problem is addressed, thoroughly rinse the area. Be extra cautious while scraping and sanding surfaces, especially if you have an old house in which lead-based paint was extensively used.  

Set Up Your Budget

Before starting to work on your project, define your goals. When creating your budget, think about legit ways to save money without cutting corners. While settling for substandard materials or an amateur contractor who quotes an unrealistically low price may seem a tempting proposition, you should remember that amateurs cannot deliver high-quality, sustainable results. Decide the type and quality of paint you need.

Research Paint Ideas and Colors

To get design ideas and inspirations, browse home improvement magazines and websites. Research trending paint shades. When choosing the right paint for your home, consider your motivations. If, for instance, you want to sell your home, opt for neutral colors that allow homeowners to visualize their decorations in each area. Homeowners who are concerned about health and safety issues associated with paints can opt for low-VOC or no-VOC paint.

Make Necessary Arrangements 

Remove furniture and hanging articles from areas you want to paint. Place plastic covers over immovable furniture. Tape around windows and baseboards. To prevent paint from dripping or spilling onto your flooring, place lay drop cloths on your floor. If you have an infant or pets at home, consider spending a night or two away from your home while the project is underway.

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