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Things You Need to Do Before Painting Your Exterior

Things You Need to Do Before Painting Your Exterior

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So, are you ready to give your home a makeover with fresh paint? If you think painting your home is as simple as stopping at the hardware store, buying some rollers and getting on the job, think again! There is a lot more to exterior painting than just coming up with a paint color scheme. Painting your home is a process in itself. Follow these steps before you open that paint can, to guarantee that your paint job not only looks great, but also lasts.

Wash the exteriors: Yes, wash your exteriors before you get your paintbrushes wet. Any residential painter Napa County, will agree that paint does not adhere well to rough and dirty surfaces. So, be sure to wash the exteriors of your house from top to bottom. You may rent a pressure washer to help save both time and effort. These pressure washers are affordable, run on straight water, and get the job done in no time. Use cleaning additives in case you have severe mold stains. Cleaning the surface thoroughly ensures better adhesion of a new coat of paint. Let your house dry for a whole day before you move on to the next step.

Scrape: Once your house is dry, it is time to scrape away at all flaking points. Use a standard scraper and some elbow grease to get the job done. Do not scrape the house until it is completely dry, otherwise it will result in more flaking points and a poor paint job.

Caulk and Repair: Fill all visible cracks and voids with caulk until it begins to overflow. Wipe away the excess using a damp towel or rag. Also, repair any rotted areas. You may fall back upon the assistance of a residential painter in Windsor if the damage is extensive.

Apply Primer: Light-sanding using a palm sander on rough bare spots is recommended before you begin priming to create a solid surface for the new coat of paint to adhere. Reputable paint companies sell paint and primer in a single product that will help eliminate the need to prime.

Any home improvement project is an investment, as is exterior painting. If you are new to painting, you are bound to find it cumbersome, intimidating, and confusing. Contact Mike Chavez Painting at 707-595-2128 today to learn more about our affordable residential painting services and let us help give your home the perfect makeover.