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Tips to Picking the Best Local Painters for Your Project in Santa Rosa

Tips to Picking the Best Local Painters for Your Project in Santa Rosa

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When you have a big painting project you need done, getting professional help is a must for such an involved process. Before signing an agreement with local painters in Santa Rosa, you should be sure you are getting the best service and painters possible.

Our Mike Chavez Painting team lists some important tips and things to remember when looking for painters for your next project.

Hiring a Painter: Six Best Practice Tips

  1. Interview Multiple Painters: Interviewing at least three local painters in Santa Rosa is advisable before hiring anyone. Referrals from friends and a positive reputation are all ways to narrow down your interview list. When interviewing, ask questions about experience, crew size, and estimates for your project.   
  2. Be Clear About Results: An important part of hiring local painters in Santa Rosa is knowing what you’re looking for in a painter. Different contractors specialize in different aspect of painting and you should also be clear in what you want a job to accomplish. Also, clarify how much additional work you are willing to pay for to improve overall quality.
  3. Get an Estimate: When interviewing painters, get estimates in writing that detail materials used, material costs, labor costs, and a description of the work that will be performed along with the expected outcome.  
  4. References: Ask for references from any painter you’re thinking of hiring. A long list of positive feedback and satisfied customers are all good signs that point to high-quality work. Online reviews and feedback should also be consulted to get a complete picture of what past clients think of a painter’s work and overall approach.  
  5. Credentials: A reputable painter will be licensed by the state and carry insurance such as worker’s comp and liability. Ask for proof of these credentials along with any membership a painter claims.
  6. Get Everything in Writing: Make sure any work agreement you sign lists all relevant information. Aside from the basics such as costs, the company name, and contact information, also look for a breakdown of costs, the scope of the job, the time frame of the work, a list of who will be working on the job, and any included warranties.

As the above tips show, there is a lot to consider when hiring local painters in Santa Rosa. Mike Chavez Painting has been providing high quality service to residents for many years. Contact them today to learn more about their painting services and solutions.