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Top 5 Problems Encountered by Painting Contractors in Napa Valley

Top 5 Problems Encountered by Painting Contractors in Napa Valley

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Paint quality eventually wears down over time, so repainting your home or commercial building is often necessary to improve its appearance. As one of the leading painting contractors in Napa Valley, Mike Chavez Painting is committed to meeting the needs of each client and understands the importance of a good paint job.

Here is a list of the top five common paint problems and how Mike Chavez Painting can help you solve these issues.

#1 Peeling Paint
Peeling paint is the result of various circumstances, such as an overabundance of moisture, or painting over an uneven or dirty surface. However, you can easily overcome this issue by removing all of the loose paint and repainting the exterior with a top-quality paint that will last for many years.

#2 Paint Yellowing
Paint yellowing is an issue typically found in areas that do not receive direct sunlight or located adjacent to a radiator or stove. However, the use of non-yellowing acrylic paints is an excellent way to prevent yellowing and ensure that your paint looks brand new.

#3 Blistering
The primary cause of blistering is due to trapped water within the paint because it dried too quickly. This be caused by direct sunlight, high humidity, or heavy dew. Painting on a damp surface can also cause blistering, so it’s important to avoid painting during any of these  conditions.

#4 Mildew
Mildew can grow in an area that lacks sunlight and has poor ventilation. Using household bleach solutions is an effective way to remove mildew. A top-quality acrylic paint can also prevent mildew growth.

#5 Wrinkling
Paint can wrinkle due to an unclean surface, or from exposing uncured paint to extreme weather. The best way to repair this issue is by scraping and sanding the area and always allowing plenty of time for the first coat of paint to dry to avoid wrinkling.