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Why Winter Is Great for Painting Your Home.

Why Winter Is Great for Painting Your Home.

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Many homeowners tend to avoid painting their homes in winter. Contrary to popular belief, painting in winter isn’t a bad idea. Surprisingly, the conditions are often great for painting in winter. Plus, proper planning can reduce project costs even when working with a stellar painting company in Healdsburg.

Here are some reasons why you should consider painting your home in winter.

Contractors Are More Readily Available

Winter marks the off-season for painting contractors. As a result, they are typically less busy during the winter than in the summer months. If you plan your house painting project during winter, you likely won’t have difficulty finding a reputable contractor.

Many contractors are willing to offer discounts in winter, which means you are more likely to find a great deal in winter than in summer. With fewer projects to manage, your contractor will have more time on their hands, and you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time.

Low Humidity

High humidity can cause the paint to crack, peel, or chip. During the winter months, humidity levels tend to drop. As a result, it allows the paint to stick and adhere appropriately to surfaces. If you paint on a hot and humid day, high humidity levels will make it difficult for your paint to adhere and dry evenly. As a result, your paint job may not last as long as you expected.

Beat the Winter Blues

Do you find yourself with less energy during the winter? Paint the interior and exterior walls of your home a vibrant color. A fresh coat of paint will lend character and depth to your walls and improve your mood. Consider using reds, yellows, and oranges, as these colors inspire warmth and a cozy feeling.

Tips for Painting in Winter

➢ Protect your belongings: Before painting your interior, cover furniture, showpieces, and other items with drop cloths. Use surface protection boards for countertops and painter’s tape for trim, baseboards, and electric sockets.

➢ Prepare surfaces: Clean your walls and surfaces before painting them. Repair any imperfections.

➢ Prime your walls: Prime your walls before painting if the surface is porous. A porous surface absorbs water, moisture, and oil.

➢ Use even strokes: When painting a large space, use a roller to apply paint. Start by painting perpendicular to the edge of the wall. Use downward strokes followed by smooth horizontal strokes to paint the point where the ceiling and the wall come together.

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