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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Schedule Your House Painting

Why Winter Is The Best Time To Schedule Your House Painting

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Painting your home is a great way to improve not only the look but also the feel. The right paint type for your home can help create the right vibe in your interior and exterior. Many house painters in Windsor recommend painting your home’s interior in winter.

Now that winter is finally here, consider painting your interior to give it a chic makeover. There are several compelling reasons to schedule house painting in winter. Weather conditions during winter are ideal for interior painting.

Here are some reasons why winter is the best time to paint your house.

➢ Reduced humidity levels: High humidity levels can slow down the paint drying process. In winter, humidity levels drop as cold air holds less moisture. Lower humidity levels help paint adhere better to surfaces and dry more evenly.
➢ Favorable temperatures for some paints: Weather conditions usually tend to be more stable during winter than summer. Certain types of paint perform best in cooler temperatures. Many modern paints are formulated to cure properly in temperatures as low as 35°F.
➢ Longer lifespan of paint jobs: In some cases, painting in cooler weather can lead to a longer-lasting paint job, as the paint cures at a slower, more consistent rate.

Tips to Paint Your House in Winter

When painting your house in winter, follow these tips to ensure a flawless paint job.

➢ Choose the right paint: Some paints are specifically formulated for cooler temperatures. Look for paints that can be applied in temperatures as low as 35°F. These types of paints will cure properly even when it’s cold outside.
➢ Timing is everything: Paint on days when the weather is expected to be dry and not too cold. Ideally, pick a time when the temperature is above 50°F during the day and doesn’t drop too drastically at night.
➢ Prep the surface: Cold weather can make surfaces more brittle and prone to cracking. Make sure to properly clean and prep the surfaces you’re going to paint. Using a dry, clean cloth, remove any moisture and ensure the surfaces are dry before painting.
➢ Use the right tools: Brushes and rollers that are designed for use in lower temperatures can help ensure a smoother application and flawless finish.
➢ Work with the Sun: Start by painting the side of the house receiving direct sunlight, so the paint dries faster and more evenly.
➢ Monitor drying times: Some types of paints take longer to dry in colder temperatures. Allow extra time between coats and don’t rush the process.
➢ Store the paint properly: Store your paint in a warm place before using it. If kept in a cold place, paint can thicken. Extremely thick paint is harder to work with.
➢ Improve indoor ventilation: If you’re painting indoors and plan to keep doors and windows closed to prevent cold air from entering your home, make sure that you have a good ventilation setup.

Why Hire a Professional to Paint Your House?

Many homeowners decide to paint their homes themselves to save on home painting costs. Painting your home isn’t a regular home improvement project and can be a complicated, time-consuming, and tiring task. If you take the DIY route, you can end up making mistakes that can affect the quality of your paint job, paint performance, and lifespan.

Mike Chavez Painting has mastered different painting techniques. Our know-how enables us to avoid costly painting mistakes. Our team of skilled, experienced house painters takes all necessary measures to ensure consistent application and flawless finish.

Here are some reasons to hire a professional for house painting.

➢ Save time: Painting your interior can be a time-consuming, messy task that involves a lot of effort. A professional can complete the job much faster. Experienced house painters are equipped to get stuff done right the first time.
➢ Tools of the trade: We have the right tools and equipment that are designed to help complete your project in a time-efficient manner.
➢ Consultation: A house painter can help you choose the right type of colors and paint shades for your spaces.
➢ Clean-up and disposal: Our tea follow best practices for disposing of paint, ensuring it does not harm the environment or poses threat to human health.

Mike Chavez Painting is a renowned painting contractor serving Windsor. Whether you want to have your home or commercial property painted, rest assured we can deliver the goods. There’s a reason we routinely win the “Best of Sonoma County” award. Let’s talk about your project, call us today at (707) 623-5850.