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How Long Will it Take to Paint my House?

How Long Will it Take to Paint my House?

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This figure will be different for each house and the level of maintenance for each room. For the interior, for example, a medium-sized bedroom should take between four to six hours to complete, which will include all the sanding, caulking, adding a primer, and covering the floor. In the case of painting the trims, customers can expect another hour to two on that; thus, on an average, it takes about seven to eight hours to complete a medium-sized room.

The prior condition of the room, the number of coats required for the desired effect, the room size, and finally the contracting teams’ experience play a significant role in this variable.

An average-sized house, with no more than four bedrooms, which has three stories, a full painting of the exterior will take about three to four days, depending on the damage and repair required for the walls. A larger house, with three levels or a five-bedroom plus house, will take an average of five to six days, again depending on how much repair and preparation the exterior walls require.