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Top 5 Professional Painter’s Hacks that Bring New Life to your Home

Top 5 Professional Painter’s Hacks that Bring New Life to your Home

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Painting a room may seem the easiest among all the DIY projects that you may embark upon. As fun as it may seem, painting a room is more than just picking up your favorite color, and splashing it on the walls. In fact, there is plenty of potential for bloopers that can turn your home into a real mess. Here are a few tips by professional painters in Napa County that will help you simplify the painting task and ensure that the end result is as perfect as you envisioned it.

5 Professional Painters Napa County Hacks that will Change your Life

Put Rubber Bands to Use
Painting interiors can be a time consuming and challenging task that requires specialized equipment as well as expertise. If you want to get done a brilliant painting job that is free of clumps and unwanted texture then you must use the right amount of color on your brush. Well, how do you achieve this? Simply, wrap a rubber band around your paint can and stretch it vertically such that it bisects the opening. Now use the band to wipe off any excess paint. The rubber band will also ensure that any excess paint simply drips back into the can. This limits the wastage of paint.

Use Plastic Bags
Cleaning a paint tray can be a daunting task that can discourage you from picking up the brush again. You can avoid stress and mess by simply lining your tray with a plastic cover before you add the paint. Simply peel off the cover after finishing the painting task and your tray will turn as good as new.

Another good use of waste plastic bags: wrap an old garbage bag around your paintbrush and tie a rubber band around it. This will ensure that the paint on your brush doesn’t dry or starts to harden. If you are a go-green family that does not prefer to use plastic bags then you may also use aluminum foil as a brush or tray liner.

Lavender Oil to the Rescue
If you cannot tolerate the pervasive odor of paint then add some essential oil to your paint can. You may add 1 teaspoon of lavender oil or any other essential oil to a 5-gallon bucket of paint. You will be surprised at the results. Your room will not spread the intoxicating scent of oil paints instead it will release vibes of peace and serenity.

Blend Paint Colors of the Same Shade
Homeowners who regularly paint their houses will agree that 1-gallon cans differ slightly from other cans, though you may pick up the same shade. So, if you want to avoid streaks appearance on the wall then we have got a trick. Once the paint has filled 2/3rd of the can then pour in the next can and blend properly to create an even tone.

Clean your Brushes with Fabric Softener
Okay, so you forgot to wrap your brush with plastic before going for a break? Has your brush turned into a hard mess? Do not throw it away! Combine about two tablespoons of any fabric softener with a mug of warm water and soak your brush in the mixture. Leave it overnight and the next day follow up with a good scrub. Your brush will be as good as new and can be reused as required.

Do not rush up when it comes to painting. It is important to keep patience and follow each step diligently. If you think painting isn’t your cup of tea then contact Mike Chavez Painting. Our professional painters in Napa County possess years of experience that will help to give your house the makeover it deserves. Call us today at 707-623-5850.