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The Best Flooring for Factories

The Best Flooring for Factories

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Traditional flooring is not designed for harsh industrial environments. Heavy foot traffic, large equipment, heavy machinery, spills (including oils and corrosive chemicals) from products and equipment, and constantly moving inventory can take a toll on conventional flooring.

The best flooring option for your home can fail within months if installed in a manufacturing facility, a distribution warehouse or an assembly plant. The last thing any business owner wants is a floor that cracks easily and needs repairs every other year.

One way to increase the durability of concrete floors used in industrial settings is to apply epoxy coating over them. Epoxy coating provides a high-performance, durable and smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Many industrial sites and warehouses around the world rely on epoxy floors to create a safe and hygienic work environment.

Here are some benefits of epoxy floors.

Epoxy Floors Are Lasting  

Epoxy floors are an ideal choice for industrial settings. Known for their neat and polished look, industrial epoxy floors can withstand a lot of punishment and abuse. They provide better traction and can help prevent accidents. Epoxy floors installed in light and medium traffic areas can last up to 30 years or more. 

Can Help Create a Safe Working Environment

The safety of their workforce is a business owner’s top priority. Epoxy is often used to improve visibility. It reflects light sources and can be used to increase the effectiveness of safety painting.

Epoxy is less slippery than polished concrete. Adding additives such as aluminum oxide, sand, and gravel to the topcoat of an epoxy floor further improves the skid-resistance characteristics of epoxy. Epoxy does not support the growth of mold, bacteria and other microorganisms that damage floors.

Ease of Maintenance

Epoxy is waterproof which makes it a great choice for areas in which moisture is a concern. Once epoxy is applied to a concrete floor, it is no longer porous, which means dirt, chemicals, and dust stay on the surface. Because there are no grout lines that need to be maintained, you don’t have to scrub your epoxy floor to clean it. An epoxy floor can be easily cleaned with traditional mops and general-purpose cleaners.

Epoxy flooring is impervious to stains and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. Epoxy floors do not chip, delaminate, crack or deteriorate when pressure washed. Epoxy isolates spills and chemicals, making maintenance a breeze.

It Extends the Service Life of Concrete Floors

Epoxy creates a barrier between concrete floors and the elements. Epoxy protects concrete from deterioration due to heavy loads, temperature fluctuations, spilled chemicals, and heavy machinery. It prevents spills from penetrating the surface of concrete and damaging it.

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